So Can You

In this signature keynote Marques opens up about hitting rock bottom in July 2022, after he had to file for divorce. In November 2022, he had to leave his home and move into an apartment and he was feeling depressed, like a failure and he was at one of the lowest points of his life. He set a goal of being in a new home and getting his life back on track by November 2023!

In January 2023, Marques faced another setback, that almost put him in financial ruin. After gathering his composure and utilizing the 4 V’s to get himself back on track, Marques once again rose from the ashes, to put himself in position to succeed. In May of 2023, he moved out of his dilapidated apartment into his beautiful dream home, achieving that milestone 6 months ahead of schedule. His business is booming, he’s forging amazing, healthy relationships with like minded people and he is in full control of his life again, all within a year of filing for divorce….

This keynote will give you not only great stories to inspire you, it will also give you action steps to rise to the next level, no matter what adversity you are enduring in your life…

Signature Keynote Title – The Ego Mistake: From Eight Figures to $8.25/hr

In our most popular signature keynote, Marques shares his heart-wrenching story of hitting rock bottom, losing millions and going bankrupt because of his enormous, pompous ego. With a positive, resilient mindset and perseverance, he was able to rise from the ashes and begin rebuilding the life and career of his dreams.

Without struggle, there is no progress. That has been the ultimate life lesson for many of us, including Marques, who learned the hard way after losing everything and starting over at an $8.25/hr wage as a custodian. He now uses his story to help his audience not make the same ego mistake. This signature keynote is all about embracing failures and using them as fuel to soar even further. He provides action steps and strategies to help you succeed through the power of accountability, grit and determination!

Leadership – Self-Absorption Causes Self-Destruction

Any leader who is focused more on themselves than they are on their employees and the organization’s overall well-being is not a true leader. Marques speaks from experience; when he ran his construction company At 32, he became tyrannical and treated his employees like objects instead of people. This made him live his life with wrath, jealousy, anger, deceit and self-absorption, which caused his ultimate self-destruction.

Now, he has gone full circle, and his mission is to serve others above all. In this signature keynote, Marques shares the power of servant leadership and how leaders from all industries and walks of life can use this leadership style to empower their employees and build a legacy that doesn’t lead to self-destruction but rather self-fulfillment.

Company Culture – Recycling vs. Trashing Company Culture™

In an ever-changing work landscape wavering between remote and in-person work, companies must focus on nurturing a thriving, abundant company culture. Employees crave a positive and enjoyable work-life and perform at their optimal level when they feel aligned with the company and its values.

Sadly, company culture in today’s world tells us to Cancel and Trash everything we disagree with, but what if we took the time to recycle it? In this signature keynote with pulled insights from Marques’ book The Success Cycle, he shares how to recycle bad energy into positive, productive energy to shift employee mindset and build a thriving company culture to achieve optimal business success.

Diversity & Inclusion – The Success Cycle Creates Healthy DEI

In today’s world, diversity, equity and inclusion shouldn’t be negotiable; it should be the standard for all companies and teams. Navigating DEI can feel like a tricky space, but it doesn’t have to be. In this signature keynote, Marques shares valuable insights from his book The Success Cycle on a unique method to create a healthy, flourishing and diverse work environment.

For many, there is a barrier to entry into the workplace. And for others, they have boundaries to prevent entry. The J.O.B. method is about Jumping Over Barriers™ and tackling the limitations set in place that hinder true DEI in the workplace. Marques shares his personal experiences with DEI in the NFL and his career and gives actionable steps on how companies can value DEI in an authentic and meaningful way.

Sales & Marketing – Drop The Poker Face (Selling Requires Authenticity)

Marques is an avid poker player who loves the game and the mental challenge that comes from it. With sales and marketing, it is the opposite. Selling should never be looked at as a game but rather an opportunity for you to create value and help better someone’s life through your product or service. To sell authentically, you need to drop the poker face.

In this signature keynote, Marques articulates that being authentic is the ultimate virtue for sales and marketing, even if it means showing your hand. When you sell with authenticity, you have a genuine interest in the other person’s needs, which is the key to sales success.

Professional Development – At 32 (The Advice I Would Tell My 32-Year-Old Self)

Imagine being in the height of your career in your early-30s and losing everything; your home, your cars, your money and a good portion of your friends and family because you were blinded by greed. That’s exactly what happened to Marques almost ten years ago.

In this signature keynote, Marques shares with his audience the importance of maintaining excellent professional development skills in business to be in the best position to thrive and succeed. He focuses on the value of purpose and fulfillment, emphasizing that greed should never be a motivator toward success. ‘At 32’ is full of emotional stories paired with specific action steps and strategies to help you create and sustain solid skillsets and attain the necessary tools in your toolbox to reach new professional heights.